When Anita and Pepper are asked 'how did you two meet and become friends', their answer may shock many as they will tell you that Pepper was the fiance of Anita's husband. He was a man of many women and neither knew about each other in total truth or the other women who's lives he played with.


 However, on discovery of his lies and evil behaviour, God's mercy and grace fell in abundance on these two wronged and abused women, as they united in Christian fellowship, faith and prayer. 

 They came from different sides of the world, yet, as they say - God bless the internet, as these women had a passisonate vision in Christ, together now as sisters in God's blessing. The truth of God and the power of the Holy Spirit and their endless blessings became apparent as they discovered, that each had exactly the SAME vision in Christ and had done for a while, yet had not previously met, for obvious reasons.


      The man was long gone from both of their lives and they had been blessed with strength to overcome. They had the victory in Jesus name and as scripture says 'and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free' and it did - PRAISE GOD! 


   As they chatted about their hobbies, they realised that they were mirror images of each other spiritually. Both exceptionally creative, just as is the Father.

   Although modern women of they day, they both shared something which many young women lacked in this modern age of technology, being the skills that women once always knew - like cooking, baking, knitting, gardening, sewing, crochet, not to mention, all the girly skills of hairdressing, nails and cosmetics; along with what one lacked, the other was stronger in (Pepper can't crochet for example and Anita doesn't play instruments and sing). 


 As they prayed regularly together, this is where the vision became stronger and more apparent of the forthcoming manifestation of this ministry, as they sat on video chat, knitting together drinking coffee, despite being 3400 miles apart. Both had been children with a 'need' yet, whereas many would have become bitter, they knew through their deep values that forgiveness and love are the key and one thing they both knew how to do, was love. 


  From this, they became excited as they talked more and more. They knew what they had to do for the Lord.


They were to open an orphanage and rescue mission for women and kids in crisis.